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  • Prognosis of zirconia ceramic fixed partial denture: a 7-year prospective study
    D. Lops, D. Mosca, P. Casentini M. Ghisolfi, E. Romeo
    Int J Prosthodont; 2012; 25: 21-23
  • Management of peri-implant soft tissue between tooth and adjacent immediate implant placed into fresh extraction single socie: a one-year prospective study on two different types of implant-abutment connection design
    D. Lops, D. Mosca, A. Muller, R. Rozza, E. Romeo.
    Minerva Stomatol; 60(9):403-15.
  • Histological evaluation of the peri-implant tissues of three human-retrieved Straumann implants
    C. Dellavia, D. Carmagnola, S. Storelli, A. Rossi, E. Canciani, E. Romeo.
    J of Invest and Clin Dent 2011; 2:1-5.
  • Rehabilitation of a dentate mandible requiring a full arch rehabilitation. Immediate loading of a fixed complete denture on 8 implant placed with a bone-supported surgical computer-planned guide: a case report.
    L. Amorfini, S. Storelli, E. Romeo.
    J Oral Implantol 2011; 37(2):106-13.
  • A Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) of Titanium-13Zirconium versus Titanium Grade IV Small-Diameter Bone Level Implants in Edentulous Mandibles - Results from a 1-Year Observation Period.
    Al-Nawas B, Brägger U, Meijer HJ, Naert I, Persson R, Perucchi A, Quirynen M, Raghoebar GM, Reichert TE, Romeo E, Santing HJ, Schimmel M, Storelli S, Bruggenkate CT, Vandekerckhove B, Wagner W, Wismeijer D, Müller F.
    Clin Implant Dent Relat Res. 2011 Mar 17 (I.F. 2.452)
  • Influence of abutment material on the gingival color of implant-supported all-ceramic restorations: a prospective multicenter study.
    E. Bressan, G. Paniz, D. Lops, B. Corazza, E. Romeo, G. Favero
    Clin Oral Impl Res 2011; 22/11). (I.F. 2.920)
  • Long-term of dental implants placed in revascularized fibula free flaps used for the reconstruction of maxillo-mandibular defects due to extreme atrophy.
    M. Chiapasco, E. Romeo, A. Coggiola, R. Brusati
    Clin Oral Impl Res 2011; 22(1): 83-91. (I.F. 2.920)
  • Valutazione istologica dei tessuti periimplantari umani attorno a impianti ostointegrati.
    C. Dellavia, A. Rossi, D. Carmagnola, E. Canciani, G. Di Martino, E. Romeo,
    Implantologia 2011; 4: 51-60.
  • Immediate loading of a fixed complete denture on implants placed with a bone supported surgical computer planned guide: case report..
    L. Amorfini, S. Storelli, E. Romeo
    J of Oral Implantol 2010; 21
  • The use of short dental implants in clinical practice: literature review.
    E. Romeo, A. Bivio, D. Mosca, M. Scanferla, M. Ghisolfi, S. Storelli
    Minerva Stomatol 2010; 59(1-2): 23-31
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